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Find someone who makes the sunsets (or sunrises) better.

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This was a present for a very important person in my life after she moved on to a new job. This is her puppy Ernie and he’s a sweetheart that I used to pet sit. His moms are amazing.

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So after making a bunch of complex pieces, I decided to go for some cute Hogwarts pride. Much simpler than a house crest

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And here is the Graduation Cap in all it’s glory! I look forward to wearing this on May 5th  <3

(The quote is from Eeyore, but I wanted to wear Pooh)


Quoiromantic: experiencing something between platonic and romantic attraction or being unable to differentiate between platonic and romantic or not knowing what romantic attraction feels like so not knowing if you experience it.

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I came across the Genderflux Pride Flag the other day and realized it wasn’t in my set of pride flags, so here it is!

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I had a bunch of old greeting cards lying around, so I made a new greeting card…

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@krist0pher suggested that I make a house plant, so this one is based off of my own succulent! I’m really happy with how this turned out.

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Just a lil’ something for queerworksfridays.
I’ve seen people say that asexuality isn’t real, hence the text “yes, we exist”

I just woke up to 119 notes on this? Wtf?