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The co-writers/co-producers (who also happen to be the star and director, respectively) Colin and Bri attended the worldwide premiere of their new film Buy In last night at the Northern Horror Fest! Colin Hinckley also took home a Best Actor nomination. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for the short later this year. 

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As promised: Art is a few hours early because they just kicked ass!

Told y’all you were getting Megan “I’m not going to the fucking White House” Rapinoe!


| Medusa | Μέδουσα | “I thought Medusa had loo…

| Medusa | Μέδουσα |
“I thought Medusa had looked at you, and that you were turning to stone. Perhaps now you will ask how much you are worth?“
– Charlotte Brönte
from a series of works that I titled “Gynecean Monstruosity: for the mōira made us téras”, it’s a bit wordy, but it’s the best title i could find for a series of works to celebrate the female monsters from greek mythology.
my name is Sara, i’m a bisexual almost 22yo self taught illustrator and i hope you’ll like my work!
art blog: @sssara-b

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Here’s some incognito teacher pride for the anon recently! (I really enjoyed making this)




I never intended to fall

I had no desire to stray

But you had destroyed every wall

You stripped my defenses away

I fell as Rus fell for Na’ami

I followed you to the unknown

I turned from the heavens above me

And forged a new path on my own

My family called me disgrace

But your support made me grow strong

There was no sin in our embrace

Our devotion could never be wrong

As Yehonatan once fell for David

I chose you over birthright and name

For you are my dear, my beloved

The only thing I wish to claim

I never intended to fall

But desire forced me to start

I gave up my soul to your call

And in its place I grew a heart


I chose to use the original Hebrew names of these characters because that’s how I always knew them. Rus is Ruth, Na’ami is Naomi, David is pronounce Duh-vid, and Yehonatan is Jonathan

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#5 in my series for teachers: Splitting the Atom




recreation of the oracle of delphi (click on image for better quality)

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#2 of my teacher collection, an open book


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For all of the amazing painters around here, and for all of the art teachers. (#3 of my teacher collection)




Something I did for a friend. Tis Medusa.

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