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ajollyyarn: Princess Seraphina was a real per…


Princess Seraphina was a real person, living in 18th century London. She was a molly, part of a fledgling, legally persecuted, underground subculture formed by people who today might identify as gay men, transwomen, or otherwise queer. Like most mollies, our only record of her is a court document. Still, she stands apart, having evaded prosecution herself despite apparently living openly as Princess Seraphina in her working class neighborhood.

The pages hidden within this book’s skirts hold what little we know about her, and what some of her neighbors thought of her. I constructed her using chicken wire, then covered her in paper mache. After that, I designed, printed, and bound the book block, all in the same red as the paste downs. The text included is disjointed excerpts from her court case, as well as some brief historical context, broken up by blank pages. I then carefully measured and cut the front cover from the rest of her, and then it was a matter of case binding, paper mache, and more paper mache.

Want to read the original court document? It’s online here at historian Rictor Norton’s website. If you explore more of the documents he has available, I recommend packing a box of tissues.

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collagesofcollege: Because sometimes, a cat a…


Because sometimes, a cat and a nice chair are the best way to spend a day.

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M. A. Hester is creating fiction | Patreon

M. A. Hester is creating fiction | Patreon:


Small (big) life update for friends here (or those who are merely curious): my fiancée and I very suddenly moved out of a living situation that was awful for our mental health. It wasn’t an impulsive decision, but it was quick. 

We’re fortunate; we’re staying with her folks while we search for jobs and I finish my first academic monograph. While it’s a big improvement, it’s obviously not how we want to live. So, I’m trying to move forward on my novel and get it in front of some agents – I’ve already picked several who seem like they’ll be ideal for my work. However, I’m at the point where I have almost nothing left in my bank accounts, with no prospect of quick employment on the horizon. (If employers get back to you, they take forever, amirite.)   

‘Wait, bank accounts?’ you ask. Well, I’m not loaded. I’m a transatlantic Frankenstein’s monster of scholarship. I lived for four years in the UK and had every intention of securing a new visa (after already getting an extremely rare one after my PhD was completed). Then Brexit happened. I cannot overstate how difficult it made things.

To make a complex, very painful story short, I’ve now moved twice in less than six months. When either of us gets work, that will mean another move. I’ve left behind so many of my own possessions, not to mention a place that felt like home, but couldn’t be, due to politics and bigotry. I’m tired, I’m scared, and I just want good things to come of all these ‘bad’ situations and emotions. That’s where the novel comes in, I think. I’ve always been a writer; I tell stories to make myself feel better. On the other hand, though, it could also be a source of income. I know it’s good enough to be viable on the market (with editorial help, of course).

Anyway, all of that to say, I know Patreon encourages people not to use ‘needy’ language, but I am cultivating my Patreon for an acute reason and I see no need to hide that. (I’ve also got a Ko-Fi page for those who would prefer to make one-off contributions.)

collagesofcollege: Finally got around to doing…


Finally got around to doing a space collage and I’m honestly really happy with how this turned out. Looks amazing on everything and I love the little planets 🙂

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skellyf1sh: Posting this again cus it’s one of…


Posting this again cus it’s one of my favorite things I’ve made thus far for the channel!! And I love reading people’s stories/responses so if you wanna tell me all about it pls do 💕

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collagesofcollege: So I did a paint by number …


So I did a paint by number a few weeks ago and it took the whole week (Much longer than my normal collage time). It turned out wonderfully… I couldn’t be happier.

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collagesofcollege: Because sometimes, we have…


Because sometimes, we have to make our own pride.

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Announcing February’s winner for Making Queer …

[ID: A photo of the #QueerWorksFridays logo and a collage of the asexual flag, the pan flag, the bi flag, and the aromantic flag]

Announcing February’s winner for Making Queer History’s #queerworksfridays art contest: Jennifer F!

Want to be next month’s winner? Tag your work #MQHArtContest, and you can be featured on our website and win $40!

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Emergency Commissions

Hey, so, we’re probably going to be homeless fairly soon, idk what’s going on with the landlady, but we’re either getting evicted or the place we live in is going to be sold. Today is my last day at my second job, which means all I have to pay for things is my art and my serving job.

PLEASE HELP! A great way you can help is to commission me! I’ll be omitting any furry add on prices and extra Characters are now only $1USD each instead of $2! Please help me! Spread the word, commission me, anything.

Here is a breakdown of the normal pricing:

Remember, until things get situated out, the add on price for furries is $0 USD and extra Characters is $1 USD!

We need to find a place ASAP cuz we’re losing our home.

Google form to gather commission info:

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collagesofcollege: The United States has expe…


The United States has experience yet another school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It was obvious after Sandy Hook that something needed to be done, but thoughts and prayers mean less and less each time when children and innocent people keep dying.

Thus, this is my response to those that offer their Thoughts and Prayers. Without Policy and Change, people are going to continue to die in senseless gun violence.

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