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winter help needed!!




Friday, November 30th: Hi everyone, I’m Gemma and I don’t really expect much to come from this post but it is extremely important to me as I need help to get through the winter months, especially Christmas & New Year due to my benefit cuts.

If anyone has been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know how much I’ve been struggling these past few months due to my welfare benefits (Universal Credit & Housing Benefit) being revoked under the UK’s controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned and due to my mental illnesses. It has been almost 1 year since my WCA health assessment when my benefit sanctions began and without any government aid I’ve been drowning in debt and struggling to make ends meet.

So far, I’ve been getting by with the help of some of the kindest people in the world but as it’s now winter where I live, I’m struggling to get groceries and keep my heating/water on to stay warm. So I’ve created a wishlist with some essential items to help me get by and as many of the items are from the marketplace, you’ll need to join my list to buy any items. *I am unsure on how to fix this*

If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it’s just £1/$1/€1, it would literally save my life and keep me warm and sharing definitely helps just as much as donations. Nobody is obligated in any way to buy anything off my wishlist or donate if they can’t or don’t want to, I know we’re all struggling. Thank you for your help 💖

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It would really mean so much to me guys if anyone could possibly help out, I desperately need help to get through Christmas and New Year and I’m struggling so much to do so. Literally anything helps right now. 🙏💖

collagesofcollege: I love hippy vans. So here’…


I love hippy vans. So here’s a cute one.

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collagesofcollege: I saw a gorgeous mural of w…


I saw a gorgeous mural of wings and thought that this would be a perfect collage.

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collagesofcollege: Saw the Trigender flag agai…


Saw the Trigender flag again the other day and was reminded how pretty it was. (Plus, triangles and tri? Perfect.)

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I’m Levi :) I’m queer and non-binary, and I’ve…

I’m Levi 🙂 I’m queer and non-binary, and I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. This is my piece Fresh Blood in a style that I developed about a year ago. I usually draw either people or various skeletons, and I always use lots of color. My art instagram is @thatfilmkid3089 if you want to see more of my work. It’s great to be featured along side all the talented people in the community. 🙂

The election in the USA is next Tuesday. Pleas…

The election in the USA is next Tuesday. Please vote if you’re registered. It’s important to so many people’s safety.



The Image

So we imagine god:

An old white man in the sky

Because who else would be

On top controlling everything?

But while G-d may or may not be real,

G-d is certainly not limited by this image.

G-d is a perfect image of the world

So I wonder if,

If we saw Them just once,

They might just redefine

What perfect is.

Maybe G-d is covered in marks of perfection.

Feminine and masculine and neither,

Hair dark and light and rainbow,

The marks of choice and creativity.

Old tattoos and laugh lines,

The marks of a life well lived.

Scars, from accidents and acne and choices,

The marks of a life boldly lived.

I don’t know if I believe, and yet I know for certain:

I am made

In the image of G-d,

My trans body and nonbinary soul.

You are made

In the image of G-d.

Not just some biased assumption

Of perfect version of yourself, no:


doodled-purple-flowers: day 19: monstersshe t…


day 19: monsters
she took off her monstrous mask
to reveal a Gentle face


This Book is Gay by James Dawson

So, in honor of QueerWorksFridays, I have a book rec for everyone!

I just finished This Book is Gay by James Dawson. It was WONDERFUL. It’s an overview of everything you need to know about being Queer with a dictionary and gay icons in the back.

Have questions about gay culture? What about activism? Intersectionality? Stereotypes? Slang? Sex?

It’s a great starting part for everyone. It gives you the basics on everything from to terms to flirting to sex. Dating Apps and clubs and community. It’s a book that would have made younger me feel so much better.

And it’s got stories from people of all ages!

The author recognizes he’s a white gay man and can’t speak on certain issues. He brings in a woman to talk about lesbian sex because why should women listen to a white man about lesbian sex?

Also, it has cute illustrations and gives it to you like a best friend would. It’s not patronizing or childish. It’s real and blunt, but there’s a sense of humor that you need when you talk about the shit that’s part of you. It talks about how to use (and not use) labels. How hard it is, and how to come out (or not come out depending on your situation).

So have a great day and read the book that every kid should read, queer or not.

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