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Happy Intersex Awareness Day! 💜🌈

(Image description: Pink and white text on blue backgrounds. Left: “I support intersex human rights.” Right: “Intersex people should have control over their medical decisions”.)


Directed by Alexis Casson & Mursi Layne, The Peculiar Kind is an unscripted documentary based on a web series of the same name.Through candid conversations the film explores the lives, stories, and experiences of queer women of color in New York City.



*CANON* Todd Chavez is Asexual

(from Bojack Horseman)

So awesome to have this representation for the ace community!



[Image Description: 6 photos. The first says “Commissions!” in black script. The second is a stylized portrait of Frida Kahlo. The third and fourth are fanart of America Chavez and Kate Bishop. In the third, they are holding onto and looking at each other. The image is in black linework. In the fourth, they are dancing in 40s styled outfits. It is fully colored. The fifth image is a pattern of multi-colored pills. The sixth is a set of stickers; an iced caramel macchiato, a slice of red velvet cake, a rose gold Iphone, a drawing tablet, and a cactus.]

Yay, I’m opening commissions! I graduated college and I have time to dedicate to making more work. I can do;

Portraits: $20

B&W Lineart: $40

Colored Lineart: $50 

Patterns: Starts at $20, depends on complexity

Custom Sticker Packs: Starts at $20, depends on complexity and amount of stickers

Message me here or email me at!

Now is a great time for commissions!


We need much more media that features women of color in relationships with other women of color. Most of the media that does show lbpq women of color characters puts them in relationships with white women/white people. And those relationships, predictably, tip the balance of power in favor the white person. You’ll notice that plot narratives center around emphasizing the autonomy of the white woman/white person at the expense of the woman of color’s health/wellbeing/autonomous development. 

Also, it’s incredibly important to show healthy romantic love between two women of color. We need the power to reclaim our capacity to love, to be loved, and to rid our lives of whiteness and the white gaze as much as possible. 

Marsha P. Johnson, Pride:


“As a transgender woman of colour, who took part in and incited riots, who was also was a sex worker, Marsha P. Johnson is everything that the queer movement has tried to pretend doesn’t exist. She is everything we should be proud of.

She was vocal, talented, generous, and stood up for the queer community time and time again. The reason she has not been forgotten has not been because of the queer community, but because of the people, she knew. Because, though she was pushed aside by some, she was loved by so many others. Her friends have worked to make sure what she has done for the queer community will not be forgotten. Though parts of the community may try to brush her aside, we want to do our best and aid in pushing her into the place in the history books she deserved. She is our history, and she embodied the ideals of pride in its purest form.”




Brazilian Dictatorship and the Queer Movement 

Sofia Utsch

Queer culture in Brazil is as big and diverse as the country itself. The Pride Parade of São Paulo was considered the biggest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 and received 1 million reais from the São Paulo city hall in 2010. And after many years of struggle it’s currently legal for same sex couple to marry and adopt children. The public health system can now cover gender confirmation surgery – even if under less than ideal circumstances. But as important as those victories are, there’s still a history of violence in this country that makes many victims to this day. In 2016, Brazil was the country with the highest number of homicides against transgender women in the world, being transgender is still considered a psychiatric issue. Making it necessary for transgender people to have a medical professional’s approval to legally access hormonal therapy and gender confirmation surgery. The discrimination against queer people has deep roots in Brazil and even during times of adversity the Brazilian LGBT community has kept fighting for their rights.

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“Action is indeed the sole medium of expression for ethics.”

Jane Addams

“Both aesthetically and ethically, I seek to translate my rage and my desire into new images which will undermine conventional perceptions and which may reveal hidden worlds. Many of the images are seen as sexually explicit – or more precisely, homosexually explicit. I make my pictures homosexual on purpose. Black men from the Third World have not previously revealed either to their own peoples or to the West a certain shocking fact: they can desire each other.”

Rotimi Fani-Kayode (via makingqueerhistory)

“if history has taught us anything- young angry queer kids are a force to be reckoned with.”

Laura Mills (via makingqueerhistory)