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I have to do a big massive history project next year that’s worth a significant percent of my overall secondary school points. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi there!

Wow, this is a big question! First, I’ll say you should definitely figure out what you’re most interested in—it can be anything. Are you interested in video games? Engineering? Victorian-era fashion? Ancient funerary practices? There’s queerness to be found.

Next, I’ll link you here. It’ll offer some research tips and several queer online archives that can help you out. Good luck, and feel free to let us know how it goes (or if you have any questions)!

Magnus Hirschfeld, the Founder:

While the Institute was one of his most prestigious achievements, it is not his only one. As a doctor, Hirschfeld spent much of his life researching queer people and their lives, believing knowledge would be the bridge to equality. He was the first recorded person to run a scientific survey of queer people, and while some information he gathered has since been disproved or modified, he was still years ahead of his time.