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Evelyn Irons

  • Born in 1900, Evelyn Irons lived for just under 100 years
  • She joined The Daily Mail they assigned her to the beauty page, a position for which she was both under and over-qualified as she had never worn makeup in her life and was consequently let go for being too unfashionable.
  • She came to interview Vita Sackville-West She and the two hit it off quickly, travelling together without the knowledge of Vita’s husband. They began a relationship which later included Olive Rinder.
  • It was later said that Irons was the “war correspondent who broke Vita’s heart”
  • Even after their relationship ended, Vita dedicated one of her books to Irons
  • Irons broke it off when she met Joy McSweeney another journalist who she moved in with

  • Irons’ biographer Sue Fox wrote of their relationship: “It was love at first sight. Right from the start, they were meant to be together. It was a relaxed, natural relationship.”
  • At the beginning of World War II, she quit her job at the women’s section, went directly to the news editor, and told him “from now on I’m working for you." 
  • Through her journalism work on the field, Evelyn Irons became the first woman to receive the Croix de Guerre with Silver Star

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