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I love your work and have been for a long time! Thank you for your dedication to queer history. What would you say was the most unexpected upside of working on this project?

Thank you so much! It is so good to know that our work is reaching people! I think the most unexpected side has honestly been the stories that I haven’t meant to write about.

The article about Bajazid Doda is one I am the proudest of, and I started out writing about someone else. Following the footnote to a beautiful story has been a journey I am surprised by every time. 

I worry a lot that someone more qualified, or smarter, or with more resources, should be doing this work instead of me, but finding stories like his, sharing stories like his, I can’t feel unworthy in those moments. I just can’t. 

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Hey, while I’m sure we all appreciate you treating this like a serious job, I am absolutely certain we all appreciate you taking care of yourself and not burning out even more. It’s totally okay to take a break. Even for your patrons! I’m one so I get to tell you: take all the rest you need. You work is important and matters, but you matter more.

First: thank you for being a patron! That is amazing!

And thank you, I am glad to hear that this won’t be too big of an inconvenience to all of you, and I am so grateful for your understanding. I will make sure to come back better than ever with the help of all of this amazing support!

Thank you for your answer! I have a follow-up question: how do you choose your contributors? (I am under the impression that there are several of you, but I might be wrong.)

No worries!

And well, we chose based on the topic they choose, their writing style, and a couple of other pretty basic things. If you want more info you can check it out here!

Hello! I Thank you for your hard work! Would you consider making "summary" articles, like "this is a rough summary of queer history in X country" or "this is a rough synthesis of the different labels and their history"? Or would that be too much work given that you are barely scraping by?

That is a really cool idea! And we would love to do that, but I have always personally found myself uncomfortable with the idea of trying to describe the history of an entire country’s queer community. I feel even with the caveat of titling it as a “rough sketch” there would be too much possibility of being reductive.  

And honestly, I would prefer that if we did that we got people from those countries to write the article, and that is where we reach the financial barrier. And also there are a lot of countries where writing that could put a person in danger, so as of now that doesn’t seem like a thing we can do. 

Again it is a really great idea, and deserves an entirely separate project dedicated to it! And if we ever reach a point where it seems doable we will revisit the concept!