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Hundreds turn out for Scotland’s first ever Transgender Pride:


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Buzzfeed Reporter: “Why do you think the trans flag resonated with so many people?”

Monica Helms: “That’s a mystery that’s still a mystery to me. You know?”

Reporter: “Thanks for having us come over.”

Helms: “Well, guys, welcome to my home. My name is Monica Helms.”

Helms: “It started because, uh, I met the guy that created the bisexual pride flag, Michael Page. We were talking and he said, ‘You know, the trans community needs a flag, too.’ All of a sudden, the pattern and colors came to me. I got up and I drew it and I go, ‘Yeah, that looks nice.’ And then I showed it around and I took it everywhere. Pride parades – I marched in the color guard pride parades with the flag at least a dozen times.”

Helms: “In 2013, I started seeing it everywhere. Different countries and stuff, and I was going, ‘Whoa, this is big.’ I stopped taking it out to places because I didn’t want anything to happen to it.”

Helms: “I think the colors meant something to people. The fact that the white stripe is for people that are nonbinary – feel that they don’t have a gender – that sort of helps cover them. And those people that want to be a part of the binary, they’re included in it with the colors.”

Helms: “One of my hobbies is launching model rockets. I’ll show you downstairs. This is my girl cave.”

[Everyone laughs.]

Reporter: “Whoa!”

Helms: “My fleet.”

Reporter: “Monica, this is… This is next level.”

Helms: “Everybody that visits, I like to show them this. Then they see a whole different side of me. Nose cones. Engines that I can reload. This one here is a scale model of a trident missile.”

Reporter: “They actually fly?”

Helms: “Oh, geez, yeah. A lot of my videos on YouTube, you’ll see model rocket launches.”

Reporter: “Is there any, like, advice that you would give folks like my age, younger, who are trans?”

Helms: “So I’ve seen history. I’ve made history. Unite with each other. There’s safety in numbers. The, uh, community is the place where you meet people, you socialize, you may even fall in love. We have to be careful. We weren’t so visible when I started doing this. And so, I say, don’t be afraid of using your voice. Don’t be afraid.

 video source: [buzzfeed news’s facebook]

Today is Trans Day of Visibility, so here’s a little piece of trans history – Monica Helms, creator of the trans pride flag, talks about the flag – and also her model rocket collection. Enjoy!


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Being trans can be tough sometimes but it’s also a blessing. A sacred gift. A journey few can know. A joy! 

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Transgender volleyball player Tiffany Abreu debuts in Brazil |


“Abreu, 33, is the first transgender athlete in Brazil’s Superliga , the country’s top women’s volleyball tournament. She is sure to turn heads in Brazil, Latin America’s most populous nation that has often struggled to curb violence against gay and transgender people.”