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hi i was wondering if you had a list of articl…

hi i was wondering if you had a list of articles specifically about trans men/people we would today consider trans men? i run a blog for trans guys and its unfortunately more difficult to find things on transgender men

Hi there! We have a few articles about trans men and folks who may have been trans men.

Lou Sullivan, an American gay trans author and activist, founder of FTM International, and founding member of the GLBT Historical Society. He was a major proponent for removing heterosexuality from the requirements for SRS.

Billy Tipton, an American Jazz musician born in the early 20th century. 

Alan L. Hart (Part 1 & Part 2), an American physician, writer, and tuberculosis researcher. He revolutionized TB detection and helped implement screening programs.

Albert D.J. Cashier, an Irish immigrant who fought for the Union during the American Civil War

Anderson Bigode Herzer, a young Brazilian writer and poet

Sir Ewan Forbes, 11th Baronet, a Scottish nobleman and doctor. Forbes was also intersex. He lived a mostly quiet life with his wife.

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[ID: Title page of the publication “What must the people of the Third Sex know!” by Magnus Hirschfeld]

Almost Forgotten Voices: The Transvestite Magazine of Weimar Berlin

You can follow Thomas Gurinskas on his book review blog @snapbookreviews on Tumblr.

“From 1919 until February 1933, somewhere between twenty-five and thirty separate homosexual German-language journal titles appeared in Berlin, some weekly or monthly and others less frequently. These supplemented, of course, Berlin’s first homosexual periodicals: Adolf Brand’s Der Eigene and Hirschfeld’s Jahrbuch. By contrast, there were practically no such journals published anywhere else in the world until after 1942.” — Robert Beachy, Gay Berlin (Read Full Article)

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Making Queer History

Making Queer History:

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elierlick: Dyke March, San Francisco 2018


Dyke March, San Francisco 2018

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40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed F…

40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed Film Better Than Most Trans Cinema Today:


Not only was the film the first of Mexican cinema to be supportive of queer or trans struggles, it also presented audiences with an understanding of the sexual and physical violence faced by trans women and sex workers. Read the full article here. You can watch the movie on Youtube.