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[Image Description: Jazz musician Billy Tipton…

[Image Description: Jazz musician Billy Tipton, a white man with dark hair slicked back, smiling and playing the piano.]

“I think he probably never told us because he was afraid we might have rejected him. I could have accepted it. He did a helluva good job with us. That’s what mattered. He was my dad.” – Scott Tipton


In response to a letter from Dawn coming out, Margaret Rutherford, Dawn’s adoptive mother, wrote:

“Our love for you could never change; be assured of this.“

Happy Mother’s Day


Here is the correct link for the survey! If you want to be a part of the Queer Art Market and are based in Edmonton please fill out this form!


Today we got to go to a queer book sale run by ASPECC, and picked up over 30+ queer research books, which we were only able to do because of support from our generous patrons!

If you want to see which books we bought, we show them off on our Lens!

collagesofcollege: Inspired by @name-exchange…


Inspired by @name-exchange that @imfemalewarrior and @thenonbinarywarrior started. I call it “A Name Exchange”. I love the project they’ve created.


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Queer Mythology in the Philippines

There is a long history of acceptance for queer people in the Philippines, dating all the way back to pre-Spanish colonization and conversion to Catholicism. In Filipino mythology, there was always a queer presence. 

Prior to colonization, the Philippines was a polytheistic nation. Deities differed between tribes and regions, and the myths included here were handed down generation after generation through oral tradition. (Read full article)

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Guyana strikes down law against ‘improper’ cro…

Guyana strikes down law against ‘improper’ cross-dressing:

After an eight-year battle through Guyana’s courts, a panel of five judges at the CCJ ruled the law was too vague, violated citizens’ rights and could not stand.

“Difference is as natural as breathing,” said the CCJ president Mr. Justice Saunders in the ruling.

“No one should have his or her dignity trampled on, or human rights denied, merely on account of a difference, especially one that poses no threat to public safety or public order.”

The ruling also condemned the remarks of the magistrate involved in the earlier case, saying “judicial officers may not use the bench to proselytize, whether before, during or after the conclusion of court proceedings”.

This woman just made history for all trans peo…

This woman just made history for all trans people in her country:

For the first time, a trans woman has taken on the most prestigious role in Iceland’s national day celebrations.

Eva Ágústa Aradóttir, an LGBT activist and photographer, was asked to be the Lady of the Mountain, a personification of the country who represents all its best qualities.

During Saturday’s national holiday, she stood on a stage in the middle of the celebrations and read a poem – a tradition established in 1944, when Iceland became a republic.


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I just finished reading Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories by Bob Guter and John R. Killacky. I haven’t picked my next book, but wanted to hear your favorite queer history books!

Transgender teens are the most likely to smoke…

Transgender teens are the most likely to smoke tobacco or use e-cigs: undefined