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“The word ‘homosexual’ has a clinical connotation, and ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are often defined too narrowly. ‘Queer,’ on the other hand, entails a broader scope of practices than do ‘lesbian’ ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ including non-normalized non-heterosexual consensual sexual and gender practices not easily captured by the latter terms (e.g., bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, and other sexual/gender practices). In other words, ‘queer’ allows us to point towards the diverse social character of sexual and gender practices and identifications that do not fall under the rigid categories of ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’,’bisexual’ or ‘heterosexual’-or even ‘male’ and ‘female’”

— Canada’s War on Queers

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Page 1 – stay tuned, lovelies!

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40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed F…

40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed Film Better Than Most Trans Cinema Today:


Not only was the film the first of Mexican cinema to be supportive of queer or trans struggles, it also presented audiences with an understanding of the sexual and physical violence faced by trans women and sex workers. Read the full article here. You can watch the movie on Youtube.

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My book, Super Late Bloomer, comes out TOMORROW!!! Last chance to preorder:

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gaywrites: In the past couple months, we’ve s…


In the past couple months, we’ve seen white supremacists spreading fliers around and spraying graffiti. That just didn’t happen in Vermont. We’re not insulated from the rest of America.

I’ll be the leader who makes sure we turn that tide backward.

The past year has been a historic one for LGBTQ candidates across the country—with more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people running for office (and winning) than ever before. Why do you think this seismic shift is happening?

I believe the reason I’m running is the reason many folks are running. I was pretty apathetic from a political standpoint up until Nov. 9. We had Obama in office. Like many folks, I never believed America would do what it did on [election day]. What you’re seeing all across the country is not just historic numbers of LGBTQ candidates but historic numbers of women entering the race.

Let’s put it this way: I believe that 2018 will be one of our most historic years in America. I believe our children and our children’s children will look back and say: “That’s the year we made history.”

Meet Christine Hallquist, the first transgender candidate for governor of Vermont. Read the full interview with Into here

upandoutcomic: One more week til my book Supe…


One more week til my book Super Late Bloomer comes out on May 1st!! (Preorder here:

There’s a lot more to being a woman than feelin’ pretty, but dang it if lovin’ yourself isn’t important.



Don’t let people convince you that queer history is unimportant. That we are a side note, that our identities aren’t important enough to be mentioned in anything but the footnotes. While you cannot blame any one source for the erasure of our history you most certainly can hold every source accountable. Don’t let people off the hook for a second when they try to ignore the history of our community, we deserve better.



Queer history did not start with Stonewall. That doesn’t make Stonewall unimportant but it is critical to realize that by only talking about queer history in context of Stonewall and America is erasure, and feeds into the attitude that queerness is somehow a recent development.

Even if it is not intentional, the impact of not directly addressing the fact that there are queer people and queer movements before Stonewall is harmful.  



Queer people have never existed in just one way. Queer people will never exist in just one way. And any movement that expects queer people’s needs to be met through one big solution is doomed to fail. It is vital that we work for change from more than one angle because we exist in more than one way and our needs are just as diverse as we are.

transstudent: “Pakistan’s first school for th…


“Pakistan’s first school for the transgender community was launched here with its first classes slated to begin from Monday, a media report said.”